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REGROUP will deliver six types of publications aimed at different audiences. Explore our latest papers below, or filter them by selecting one or more publication types. 

REGROUP publications will be available from May 2023 onwards. In the meantime, stay up to date on project activities by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Mastodon.

Research papers are scholarly studies presenting research conducted in the diagnostic and evaluative work packages.
Policy papers present actionable policy advice building on the analyses and evidence contained in the research papers.
Foresight papers provide EU policy-makers with agenda-setting overviews of the areas covered by the three prescriptive work packages.
Focus papers present in-depth advice on specific topics within the REGROUP prescriptive work packages.
Mini-publics: This section contains the methodology brief and mini-public reports produced as part of work package 4.
External publications: This section includes outside publications based on REGROUP research.

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